SKU# 2361838-3D

SunCoast Dodge series torque converters are designed and manufactured in-house. Because of this, we're able to supply almost any request in regard to stall, torque multiplication, efficiency to custom applications.

Custom-designed billet stators provide better torque and efficiency prior to lockup. SunCoastÕs custom-designed CNC-machined billet piston houses its 3-disk converter lock up clutches and will not flex like other billet converters on the market. This clutch then applies to the custom CNC-machined forged billet cover.

Great for race/sled pull and extreme charger trucks. If running big injectors and chargers, refer to the 2361827-3D 3,000-3,300-stall, along with the option of the shaft, which is recommended.

Core deposit required.

  • - Multiple Billet Stators for Various Stalls (1800-3000 Stocked)
  • - Custom Pump and Turbine Modifications (in-house)
  • - Tig Welding to Reinforce Furnace-brazed Fins
  • - Proprietary Converter Clutches with Trapezoid Clutch Teeth (No Round Tabs)
  • - CNC-Machined Billet Stators (1800-3000 RPM Stall)
  • - 4140 Turbine Splines (Heat-treated Depending on Application)
  • - Billet Steel and Aluminum Pistons
  • - Forged Billet Cover Strength (Proprietary Raybestos Converter Clutch Plates)
  • - Pressure-tested welds/spun-balanced to ensure highest quality
  • - Spun-Balanced to within .05 Grams


This torque converter is a workhorse. The stator is composed of billet material and redesigned to dramatically increase fluid velocity, greatly improving the efficiency of the torque converter. This billet triple disc converter is tighter than the factory converter and couples much sooner. This is a perfect torque converter for guys who use their vehicles for work, towing, and heavy hauling. More efficiency will help with maintaining lower transmission temperatures, especially when towing on larger grades through the mountains. This will also improve the efficiency of the engine breaking down larger steep grades with a heavy load attached. This converter is intended for stock turbo chargers; larger chargers will struggle to spool when doing boosted launches. Great for stock or slightly tuned work/snow plow trucks. If running big injectors and chargers, refer to the 2361819-3D 2,200-stall or higher, along with the option of the shaft.
Above Price Includes Refundable Core Charge of [+$300.00]  

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