SKU# M3GA-48-750HP

Included in this kit:

  • - 6 Alto direct clutches and 6 Raybestos direct clutch steels
  • - 4 Alto forward frictions and 3 Kolene Steels
  • - 10 overdrive direct frictions and 9 steels
  • - 6 Overdrive brake frictions and 6 steels
  • - SunCoast custom billet 2nd gear band
  • - SunCoast custom billet band strut
  • - SunCoast custom billet band anchor
  • - SunCoast custom billet accumalator piston
  • - SunCoast custom billet forward clutch piston
  • - SunCoast custom billet direct clutch piston
  • - SunCoast custom billet 2nd gear servo
  • - SunCoast custom custom direct springs (10)
  • - SunCoast gasket and sealing kit
  • - New front pump bushing
  • - New Filter
  • - Upgraded governor pressure solenoid
  • - Transgo shift calibration kit
  • - Upgraded valve body electronics
  • - Billet triple disc Torque Converter
  • - Transmission Assembly Lube
  • - 3 Cans of Transmission Flush
  • - ATRA Rebuild Manual
  • - New Bushing Kit
  • - New Thrust Washers
  • - Billet Input Shaft
  • - Billet Intermediate Shaft
  • - Billet Output Shaft
  • - Billet Flexplate

SunCoast "DO IT YOURSELF" Rebuild Kit

This is a custom SunCoast kit that includes everything you will need to build your unit just like a we do. These kits are complete with everything you will need to safely maintain 750 horsepower on the 48RE. This is the SunCoast recipe.

SunCoast's Dodge series rebuild kits cover all years from 1989-2007 (kit part number dependent upon year). These kits utilize the latest proven friction materials and steel technology from industry leading companies such as Alto and Raybestos. SunCoast works directly with these companies to design and manufacture proprietary exclusive SunCoast product lines, giving the end user uncompromised quality throughout the entire transmission. SunCoast has designed these kits in house to exact specifications for many intents, including but not limited to towing, sled pulling, racing or having a vehicle to get from point A to point B. Along with these kits, SunCoast has a full line of billet single/triple disc torque converters ranging from 1800 stall to approximately 3000 RPM (manufactured in house). In addition the company has multiple input/output shaft options, multiple custom valve body options ranging from forward manual, reverse manual, trans brake, and electronic valve bodies, and billet steel and aluminum drums (year dependent) SFI approved flex plates, SFI approved transmission jackets, and much more.

Here are a few of the highlights of this kit and the components that these custom SunCoast rebuild kits include.

The Billet Band Package

The Torqueflight transmission utilizes a band to shift the transmission into 2nd gear, then this band is release when shifting into 3rd gear. This band is wraps around the direct drum (right behind the transmission pump)this drum house the direct clutches (3rd gear). When thinking about the amount of torque these trucks can make coupled with the torque multiplication of the converter and it soon becomes apparent why this area could be problematic. The band itself from the factory is a very flexible band, these band will stretch and require constant adjustment. When even modest attempts of increased apply pressure occur these band break due to the flimsy construction. You will some aftermarket attempt to use a very rigid material to keep these from flexing or breaking. SunCoast took a different approach and just redesigned the band all together. Each one of our units recieves a new SunCoast custom billet band machined in house. This new SunCoast billet band is also lined with a Carbon Fiber friction material offering the best friction coefficent available. 

Our next focus is with the hydraulic integrity of this band acuation. The best band in the world is useless without proper clamping force when apply and a quick release off the drum when needed. This is where our SunCoast billet 2nd gear servo comes into play. The factory uses a cast servo, the servo offers two simple o'rings to help control cross-leaking within the bore. This bore over time will wear, as it wears cross leaking occurs causing lazy shifts, slips going into 2nd gear, and of course in some events bind-ups and dragging of the band going into 3rd. SunCoast corrects this by installing a custom cnc'd billet intermediate servo. This servo is made with 4 sealing rings both teflon and rubber, That is double what the factory uses. This servo is also larger in apply area, over 20% larger than the factory. This larger apply surface area allows for not only a dramatic increase in apply pressure giving you an enormous amount of clamping load, but this also allows for a faster shift time. As almost everyone in our industry lust over the additional clamping force and much quicker apply time, we often overlook the release of the band. The release of the band can be just as import if not more. When they drag on release it can cause bind-up issues, scoring of the band material, and of course premature wear. SunCoast also modifies the length of this servo to achieve much crisper shifting.

Now that we have increased the clamping force we must address the two other problematic issues with the band strut and the band anchor. Just as an engine builder would change to a stronger chrome moly push rod when changing the camshaft to ensure no deflection occurs the same can be said for the band strut and band anchor. With now having a more apply pressure on the band we must correct or issue with the factory band strut as well. SunCoast replace the factory band strut with a much stronger billet band strut to keep any deflection at bay. The band anchor is also replaced with a billet one as well. 

Throwing out the garbage

The factory, through all of the engineering they have done somehow thought it would be a good idea to put a plastic accumalator piston in this unit. We are still left scratching our head everytime we see a broken one. These very inexpensive plastic pistons will in fact break over time. This is not a matter of if but when this will happen. When you couple this with the fact that this piston also has issues with cross leaking within the bore, It only make sense that it belongs in the trash. Here at SunCoast we manufacture our own new piston that has additional sealing rings to fix this issue. This accumalator piston is also designed with annular grooves to keep side loading from transpiring.

Deflecting the blame

Deflection can occur in many ways, in engineering deflection is the degree to which a structural element is displaced under a load. When we start talking about loads under hydraulic apply priciples and deflection is always around us. 

In both the direct and forward drum we see deflection and side loading contribute to repeated failures daily. At SunCoast we have addressed the issue with the direct drum by making several improvements. The factory cast piston has several key issues we felt we needed to address. On every one of our Competition transmissions we simply replace the factory direct drum with a full billet one. While this is very costly we felt it neccassary despite the cost. This upgrade is not needed for mildly modded vehicles and we can resolve the key issues by simply replacing the factory piston. Here they key issues with this piston and how we address it:

  1. Crossleaking - The factory piston over time will wear in the inner diameter allowing it to wear and even cause side-loading. this uneven wear and side-loading can further aid the deflection occurring with the higher line pressure from say a shift kit. This is alleviated by simply changing the material that is much more resistant to wear. 

  1. Deflecting - in attempts to achieve greater clamping force most builders will modify the seperator plate and valve body to achieve both more volume and line pressure. The only issue is the factory "cast" piston was not designed for this. The modest attempts by the builder is now causing deflection and uneven apply. We correct this issue using a custom SunCoast cnc'd direct piston that will not deflect under the most extreme loads.

  1. Clamping - when SunCoast sat down to design our new billet direct piston we knew we wanted to address the apply surface area, so we did just that. The new SunCoast billet direct piston has a larger than factory apply area. This along with the fact it is billet allows us to achieve the greatest undeflected apply pressures in the industry.

  1. Stack-up -  SunCoast has specifically designed these apply pistons in both the forward and direct drums to a custom design allowing our own propriertary custom clutch and steel stack-ups. We manufacture each billet piston for both the direct and forward piston with exact tolerences in mind.

  1. Release - The SunCoast custom redesigned billet direct piston also comes with our own custom spring count with a set of custom return springs. This was an important issue we wanted to address in the direct clutch, after all the release is just as valuable as the apply. 

Upgraded Electronics 

Governor pressure sensor : this is an upgrade that can be included in the kit or purchased separately. It has proven itself to be the most reliable governor pressure solenoid on the market. This part consists of a 4L60E EPC solenoid which is made from aircraft grade T-56 Billet Aluminum _ this means no warping, leaking, sweating, or cracking and means it provides far more consistent pressures
Above Price Includes Refundable Core Charge of [+$300.00]  

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