Category 1 SunCoast 48RE Rebuild Kit

SKU# SC-48-1

48RE rebuild kit includes:

  • - 4 Raybestos GPZ forward frictions with steels
  • - 6 Raybestos GPZ clutches with steels
  • - 10 Raybestos overdrive clutches with steels
  • - Custom machined overdrive pressure plate
  • - .073 custom snap ring for forward clutch pack
  • - High flow 48RE transmission filter
  • - 48RE front pump bushing
  • - Raybestos Pro Series carbon fiber flex band
  • - Suncoast Pan Gasket
  • - SunCoast 48RE paper/rubber/gasket kit
  • - 48RE thrust washer kit
  • - SunCoast Billet accumulator piston
  • - SunCoast billet intermediate servo
  • - 4.4 billet band lever
  • - Billet band strut
  • - Billet band anchor
  • - SunCoast Billet single disc low-stall torque converter 

Category 1 SunCoast 48RE Rebuild Kit
This SunCoast Category 1 48RE rebuild kit includes everything necessary to rebuild your 48RE transmission. This kit is a base rebuild kit for customers seeking improvement over the stock unit along with improvements to the bands and servo. 

The addition of the billet intermediate servo, billet band anchor and billet band strut allows this kit to address the commonly known shortcomings of this 48RE transmission. This kit also comes with a new billet-blueprinted 4.4 band lever. The new thrust washer kit also contains selective for setting endplay.

The billet, single-disc torque converter that comes with this kit has a custom billet, low-stall stator. This billet stator allows us to lower stall speed for improved efficiency, as well as holding capacity. The torque converter is lined with carbon graphitic clutch material and is equipped with a precision-CNC-machined, forged billet apply piston to ensure no deflection occurs.

This kit fits all 2WD and 4WD 48RE transmissions.

Price below includes $300.00 refundable core charge for the torque converter.
Above Price Includes Refundable Core Charge of [+$350.00]  

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