GM-1072-3D 3,200 RPM stall Speed Converter

SKU# GM-1072-3D

SunCoast Allison 1000 torque converters come in many varieties, from heavy hauling, sled pulling, drag racing, to daily driving. SunCoast designs and manufactures their torque converters in-house. Because of this, SunCoast can supply most any request in regards to stall or torque multiplication. All SunCoast triple disc converters are outfitted with a heavy duty forged billet steel cover and give an unbeatable lock up performance. The companys race series converter should be used in racing/pulling applications that require a higher _stallî RPM than a standard converter. Increased stall is usually needed in applications where a larger turbo or turbos have been installed and more RPM is required to get the turbo on boost while on the brakes (brake boosting).

These HD converters feature a billet stator and will resist damage to the stator section from excessive brake stalling (over 5 seconds).

Standard Features:

  • Custom pump and turbine modifications (in house)
  • Tig welding to reinforce furnace brazed fins
  • Proprietary converter clutches with trapezoid clutch teeth (no round tabs)
  • Forged billet cover strength (proprietary Raybestos converter)
  • 3 year unlimited mileage warranty

GM-1072-3D 3,200 RPM stall Speed Converter
3,200 RPM Stall. The 70 Series of torque converters are some of the most prolific converters ever manufactured under our roof for the Allison transmission. These converters drive and feel almost stock at part throttle, but once you start leaning on the throttle heavily, watch out! The 1072 is the most aggressive street/strip converter SunCoast manufactures for the late-model Allisons. This converter can also be used on early Allisons. The ideal driver for this converter would be someone who is racing on both the street and the strip. The 1072 couples violently once it flashes and offers the highest torque multiplication of our 70's series. This converter is extremely streetable and could be used in a daily driven street killer that sees track time on the weekend. Towing is not recommended with this converter.

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