LB7/LLY 01-05 GMAX-5 PAC


SunCoast Allison series rebuild kits cover all years from 2001-2015 (kit part number depen-dent upon year). These kits utilize the latest proven friction materials and steel technology from industry leading companies such as AltoŒ and RaybestosŒ. SunCoast works directly with these companies to design and manufacture proprietary SunCoast exclusive product lines, giving the end user uncompromised quality throughout the entire transmission. SunCoast has designed these kits in house to exact specifications for many in tents, including but not limited to towing, sled pulling, racing or simply having a vehicle to get from point A to point B. Not included in this kit but highly recommended by SunCoast is a complete line of billet triple disc torque converters ranging from 1800 stall to approximately 3000 RPM (manufactured in house), 300M billet shaft options, custom valve body options ranging from 5-6 speed conversions and trans brake SFI approved billet steel and aluminum flex-plates, SFI approved transmission jackets and much more.

Kit Exclusives:

  • SunCoast Proprietary c3, c4 ALTOŒ Carbonite Frictions / RAYBESTOSŒ GPZ Frictions contain no center slots. These frictions utilize a waffle pattern in the material to help retain oil helping the clutch cool when not applied.
  • Redesigned apply pistons with improved rubber compounds proven to hold more heat. This custom piston allows us to use a thicker spring apply plate which replaces the thin OEM one and in turn causes an uneven apply surface.
  • Custom apply plate that redirects fluid to better lubricate frictions from the inside out which lubes the entire friction rather than OEM style that lubricates from the center out leaving the inner half of the clutch burnt.
  • C5 clutches are not included.
  • C5 clutches are optional and can be added to our kit upon request.

LB7/LLY 01-05 GMAX-5 PAC

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