SKU# M3GA-47-1

Features in this kit:

  • - Complete clutch and steel kit using Alto clutches and steels
  • - 5 Alto direct clutches and 6 Alto direct clutch steels
  • - 4 Alto forward frictions and 5 Kolene Steels
  • - 10 Alto overdrive direct frictions and 9 steels
  • - 6 Overdrive brake frictions and 6 steels

  • This is a complete rebuild kit using Suncoast stak-ups using Alto clutches.

SunCoast's Dodge series rebuild kits cover all years from 1989-2007 (kit part number dependent upon year). These kits utilize the latest proven friction materials and steel technology from industry leading companies such as Alto and Raybestos. SunCoast works directly with these companies to design and manufacture proprietary exclusive SunCoast product lines, giving the end user uncompromised quality throughout the entire transmission. SunCoast has designed these kits in house to exact specifications for many intents, including but not limited to towing, sled pulling, racing or having a vehicle to get from point A to point B. Along with these kits, SunCoast has a full line of billet single/triple disc torque converters ranging from 1800 stall to approximately 3000 RPM (manufactured in house). In addition the company has multiple input/output shaft options, multiple custom valve body options ranging from forward manual, reverse manual, trans brake, and electronic valve bodies, and billet steel and aluminum drums (year dependent) SFI approved flex plates, SFI approved transmission jackets, and much more.

For over two decades SunCoast has continually led the the industry in both innovation and performance. Dating back to the days of Redneck nationals and Team Green before outlaw racing was even thought of SunCoast transmissions were breaking records and winning world championships. The phrase "copied but never caught" could never be truer than now. 

 Each one of our Dodge Torqueflite transmissions receive what we call our base packages. This base package can be built and improved upon with a plethora of options and upgrades to suit your individual needs. These units are not "cookie cutter" units but rather something individually catered to your specific needs. Each one of our calibrations to the valve body, pump, seperator plate, and even the clutch stack-ups are meant with your intended usage in mind. These units include have many upgrades from the factory not just for performance but restoring hydraulic integrity to some very crucial circuts, Here are some listen below:

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